Thursday, June 30, 2016

Movie Making (Mid-Kids) - Day 4

Filming went on today as planned. With some editing skills in our back pockets, we can now slowly begin creating our own master cuts of our movie! We tackled some important decisions today...which backgrounds we shall use for our movie. Everything is going according to plan. Lets just keep this up now so we don't have 2 movie that were put on hold!

Movie Making - Day 4: That's a wrap?

We are undecided as to whether our movie should be finished or not. As for today's class, we spent the majority of the class learning how to use the program used to edit via making blooper videos (Except for Magnus, he actually made the movie!!) As for the now, the plans for the film are halted, but stay on the look out for a surprise release!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Movie Making (Mid-kids) - Day 3

Week 2 on set started today and we started the long awaited filming process. We have a good amount of raw footage to start with and our editors had a head start on how the actual editing process should work.

We are well on our way to a finished product. Also, look out for the blooper reel. Everyone poured their hearts out into making sure we had enough footage for that.

Movie Making - Day 3: Filming on the big (green) Screen

The actors today got into character and the filming long haul began, along with some basic editing so we are ready to edit. We are running extremely short on time. We still need to send the raw footage to our editing department.
 Hopefully our actors have a knack for editing movies and we can have a Hollywood-ready movie in 48 hours!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Movie Making (Mid-Kids): Day 2

As the future directors of the world familiarize themselves with the basics of cinematography, the screen play writers were hard at work, making sure our script is spot on and ready for filming.

Everyone is looking forward to the filming process and we even teased some filming and got some of the easy stuff out of the way.

Next week should be when the heavy filming starts. We have the make up and costume departments at our disposal so be ready for some world-class acting.

Movie Making - Day 2: All Work, No (Screen)Play

Second day on set today and all the actors are starting to get into characters. We developed a pretty interesting plot line  that will have audiences talking about it for months on end.

With the story done, we can begin the filming process. We only have two classes left so we are going to have to move quickly.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Movie Making (Mid-Kids)- Day 1

We have two movie sets working at the same time. The studio is on a time share. Nevertheless, we are working diligently to make a terrific movie to share with the world.

We have more time with this class so we will really have time to work out some fine details and really get to know our editing software, Adobe Premiere.

But for today, we are letting our creative juices flow and scripting our movie, shot by shot.

 Stay tuned...

Movie Making - Day 1: It's all scripted!

Today was brainstorming day. Everyone got together and put together the best possible plot for a movie they could think of.

Watch out, Hollywood. PNG is coming.  Tune in next class to see how the first day on set turn out. Our actors and actresses are eager to get this movie going!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Negative Space Art - Day 2

Today was the last part of the session! PNG let out it's crafty side and we got to painting today and it got messy.

Once the vinyls finished printing out, we were able to put them on the canvas and paint right over them. When we peeled them away, they revealed an awesome craft that was well worth the wait.

Here are some of the results!

Paint your face - Day 2: Pollock Meets Photoshop

In the last class of the session, everyone got the chance to finish painting themselves in using Adobe Photoshop. We got past the initial bump of tracing in pencil and the results turned out awesome!

This class was a good introduction into Adobe Photoshop for many first-comers, as students leave the class with knowledge in using basic tools in the program.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Negative Space Art - Day 1

Today we started another class of Negative Space art! The kids selected their images and traced them in Silhouette Design Studio.

Next time we'll cut them out on the Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter and then paint over them to make some awesome Negative Space Art!

Paint Your Face Photoshop:Photoshop By The Buckets

Today was another round of Paint Your Face, the popular program where we start with a photo of the students then trace the photo, then scan the tracing and Photoshop the results.  In the end, you're left with a new piece of art inspired by the original photograph but totally different and totally awesome!

We'll come back on Thursday to add some color to these tracings, but so far so great!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hour of Code: Scripting!

This class was an intro to more real world coding. Done are the days of drag-and-drop coding. We all dipped our toe into JavaScript, a real coding language used by actual programmers, on the Khan Academy website, which uses a series of videos to teach lessons on the language.

This is just the beginning of everyone's potential coding in JavaScript! We have coding classes all year round so we can continue strengthening our grasp on the language.

Hour of Code!

Hour of Code is back for the summer! All the coding you love, just at a different time.

We did our usual intro to coding for those just starting out and got to it pretty quickly. As always, the students got there pick of either for "Block Coding" or for a more "Script-oriented" coding experience.