Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kahoot! Trivia

Today we matched wits using Kahoot!  Nothing was considered too trivial as we used the Kahoot! platform to quiz each other about technology and all kinds of other topics to see who was smartest!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

TinkerCAD - Day 4 (MidKids)

Hours of hard work will come to life after today! We all have designs that we're happy with. After adding the finishing touches, we all have an awesome design!

Mixcraft - Day 4

Today was the last day we had to finish our masterpieces. After hours of tinkering, we finally ended with a product we were happy with!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TinkerCAD - Day 3 (MidKids)

It's crunch time now. Many students are finishing up and others are cramming to try and finish by next class. We still have another class so I am expecting everybody to have an awesome design by the end of class Thursday!

Although some kids can't wait to get there designs printed, we all worked hard and are learning the software very quickly.

Mixcraft - Day 3

The musical grind continued today. The elements of our songs are coming together nicely. Using synths that we created using the Virtual Instrument tool to create melodies that are sounding awesome!

We have one class left to finish this up so we are right on pace.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

TinkerCAD - Day 2 (MidKids)

We continued to reinforce the skills we learned  in the lessons, such as the hole tool, to carve away at our shapes. Our previously unidentifiable objects are now beginning to take shape!
With a little more detail, we will have awesome designs that we will print out to show the world

Mixcraft - Day 2

Today we kept grinding away and made some good progress with our songs. I threw a challenge up in the air to challenge everyone. Besides from creating your own melody on the Mixcraft software, I threw out the option to do some sampling. We will see soon enough if anyone took me up on the offer, but nevertheless, we're getting some good layers on our tracks!

Stay tunes and we continue to add and fine-tune our songs!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

TinkerCAD - Day 1 (MidKids)

One of our most popular classes is back for the new year! Everybody loves our 3D printer. Everybody loves being able to designs their own 3D print even more, though. Like always, we give a quick walk-through to TinkerCAD newcomers, and let the veterans do their thing.

The overall goal is to create a complex print and the results look promising!

Mixcraft - Day 1

We're starting off a 2 week Mixcraft session. Same rules as always: Make a cool, complex song! We had a good head head start today. We had a refresher on what Mixcraft is and how to use it. After that, everyone was off!

The sounds are sounding pretty neat. Some are taking inspiration from existing songs and making covers. Others, completely original pieces! Stay tuned for more updates on how these songs will turn out!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hour of Code (Teens)

After all the Ozobot coding earlier today, we took it back a notch and went with a more classic form of coding for us. We went on KhanAcademy.com and continued our JavaScript progress. We are deep into the JS world and there is no slowing down!

Ozobots - Day 2

Today is the day! We designed a very high tech obstacle course for our Ozobots to navigate. Off the gate, we...struggled,..to say the least. Once we figured out how to properly load commands on to our bots, we were off to the races!

This was a fun and challenging way to code robots, with results we can see in real life!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ozobots - Day 1

PNG is back for the first class of 2017! We're kicking off the year with a throwback to our Ozobot class. These tiny coding-oriented robots help people grasp the concept of coding and give the a visualization of the application of coding in the real world....and they're just fun!