Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hour of Code (Teens)

After all the Ozobot coding earlier today, we took it back a notch and went with a more classic form of coding for us. We went on and continued our JavaScript progress. We are deep into the JS world and there is no slowing down!


Rana said...

Today, I did Hour of Code. It was fun. But I had some difficulty to it. I went on Khan Academy, and I learned the basics to coding. For example, I learned how to add colors, and adjust some shapes to make a snowman. It was cool.

Maryum said...

Today was a bit hard but also fun. I tried to do some parts that I didn't know but I didn't get it.

Bara said...

Today, I made an animation with a sun getting bigger in the horizon.
I also used the script (var x = ) to make anything that is x to a certain value.
I enjoyed using java script again.