Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mixcraft - Day 2

Today we kept grinding away and made some good progress with our songs. I threw a challenge up in the air to challenge everyone. Besides from creating your own melody on the Mixcraft software, I threw out the option to do some sampling. We will see soon enough if anyone took me up on the offer, but nevertheless, we're getting some good layers on our tracks!

Stay tunes and we continue to add and fine-tune our songs!


Armando said...

Today I continued with my song. I just need to fix something. I cant wait until next class!

Rana said...

Today, was cool. I also tried to add beats to my song, and continued recording my piano music. It was cool.

Bara said...

Today, I worked on my track.
I added bells to the track.
I also fixed a transition in the song.