Thursday, February 25, 2016

Silhouette Silhouettes - Day 4

Today was the last day of Silhouette Silhouettes!

We actually pretty much finished up last time around so today we spent class making extras and perfecting our awesome creations!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Silhouette Silhouettes - Day 3!

We are almost approaching the end of the session. Today we got to cutting! We got some rad designs cut using Silhouette Studio and the Cameo vinyl cutter.
Our art piece is starting to look more like art!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Silhouette Silhouettes - Day 2

Today was the second day of making silhouettes on the vinyl cutter.  We are still using Adobe Photoshop Elements to compose our creation.  When we finish we will feed the design into Silhouette Studio Design and start cutting!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hour of Code!

This is our monthly code session where we hang out and practice coding. If you're new to coding you can dip your toe in the water by visiting

We are starting to get comfortable with Javascript now with the help of Khan Academy. We can code shapes, color them, and get them to move!

Look out for future coding programs!

Silhouette Silhouettes

This new PNG program has our students making silhouettes with our Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter.

Sounds simple?  No way, first we take a profile picture (that's a picture taken of our profile view, not social media).  Then we pull it into Adobe Photoshop, remove the background and remove the color.

That's as far as we got today, but next time we will continue by pulling the Photoshopped silhouette into the Silhouette Studio Design software and cutting it out on vinyl adhesive.  Then we'll apply that adhesive to a piece of glass to make a nice framed portrait!

Tune in next time for progress!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Movie Making - Day 6!

That's a wrap!

We put the finishing touches on our film and we finished it! We all realized the amount of work necessary in order to actually make a movie and now appreciate movies more. This is why "movie guys" get paid the big bucks.

Look for it in theaters near you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Movie Making - Day 5!

Today we started the rigorous editing process. Boring at times, but vital in making a movie look like, well.. a movie.

Students learned all about cutting scenes, merging clips, inserting backgrounds into a green screen, and some more good stuff

Our final deadline for having a final cut is Thursday!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Movie Making - Day 4!

That's a wrap for filming ! We finished our final scenes using our green screen and the story is coming together.

Now it is off to the editors to add all the effects that we have all eagerly awaited! Adding some dinosaur roars, lightning bolts, creepy sound effects. The good stuff

Soldering - Last Day!

Today was the last day of soldering!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Movie Making - Day 3!

We are whipping out the green screen today!

Our special effects crew (our students) will use this to give the illusion of time travel. Right now, our actors (also our students) will be acting in front of it

Still waiting for The Academy to email us... maybe they have the wrong email address.

Soldering - Day 3

Today is the second to last day of soldering!

We are entering the home stretch.  The students are making good progress, but will they finish in time?!

Tune in Thursday to find out!

3D Printing at School!

Today I took the Makerbot Replicator over to Elmwood Elementary to visit Mr. Uhler's class during an in-school field trip!

I demonstrated how the printer works and answered questions and then the students tried their hand at TinkerCAD to learn the basics and design their own personalized keychain!

We had a great time and the keychains turned out great (even if they did take a long time to print out).  Can't wait to do something like this again, soon!