Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Silhouette Silhouettes

This new PNG program has our students making silhouettes with our Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter.

Sounds simple?  No way, first we take a profile picture (that's a picture taken of our profile view, not social media).  Then we pull it into Adobe Photoshop, remove the background and remove the color.

That's as far as we got today, but next time we will continue by pulling the Photoshopped silhouette into the Silhouette Studio Design software and cutting it out on vinyl adhesive.  Then we'll apply that adhesive to a piece of glass to make a nice framed portrait!

Tune in next time for progress!


Magnus said...

I had a great time today. I enjoyed learning about the photo shop. I think this is going to turn out great!

Armando said...

Today was awesome!! We made our outlines. We also chose the texts we want. Next class I think we are going to finish.

FILIP said...

today was cool. We got pretty far. I also did my name in like gangster font and I put money signs and I also wrote get a life man$$$$$$$$$