Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Soldering - Day 3

Today is the second to last day of soldering!

We are entering the home stretch.  The students are making good progress, but will they finish in time?!

Tune in Thursday to find out!


Lucy A said...

Today I got 3 steps done. Filip TOTALLY got buurrrnnnnedd, again, figuratively, not literally.I hope i finish next week.

Filip said...

today I did not get burned. but I bet ya Lucy got burned so badly she cried her head off and so did Alexa

Armando said...

Today was awesome!!! I'm almost done with everything I just need 2 more steps. I just need to solder the battery and the speakers. I cant wait until next class!

Alexa said...

today I'm almost done with my project. that nice but filip cant not tell a joke.
that's just sad. but every thing is awesome!!