Monday, November 12, 2007

PNG @ EPPL-- 11/12/07

Today we made replicas of houses using the program Design-o-rama.
After printing the creations and folding them to model real rooms of a house, the students found out the winner of the scavenger hunt. Well done Brady!


Anonymous said...

that was cool making the room design arama and it was fun and i think today was fun like every other day and i think this class is pretty cool.i don't think that this class has anything bad.

Anonymous said...

Today was great i got alot done a got to have free time. I finally got something done. Then after i got like 30mins. of free time.

Anonymous said...

today we did a pattern. we had some free time after that.then we went on a google search. we also found some things like the eifle tower. I liked the pattern project and the google earth project too.