Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6/25 - Wednesday World Travelers

It was a rainy day today, but the PNG kids were still able to travel the world thanks to the magic of the Internet! Magical!

Jet-setting for the weekend, the students found airfare, a hotel, entertainment and restaurants at their destination of choice.

These lucky globe trotters had 2 nights, 3 days and $10,000 (!!!). When they were finished they made a brochure showing the different places they went to and the things they did while they were there.

This is one of the biggest projects the PNG students have set out on, so it will be finished up next time.

In the meantime, I wouldn't be surprised if these kids came home with jet lag and complaining about the new checked baggage fee.


TIAIRA said...

todays class was really good. i thought that the idea of us do this was really creative. also i really like the idea that were going to make credit cards and put our pictures on them that wwas really great.

Tiaira A.K.A. Mz.Mozz

$helly said...

PNG was really funnn.... we did brochures to places. I got Tokyo and I have to find good places to eat, sleep, and entertainment. I can't wait till mondayyyyyyyyyy

Megan said...

Today was really fun. We learned how look up flights on the internet. now I can go anywhere I want! YAY!

Jessica said...

Today was fun. I enjoyed winning the questions thingy. And I am going to London!! WOOO!

Michaeline A. said...

Los Angeles, here I come! I love this whole idea. Hopefully I can find a good deal on transportation!

Valentina said...

Today was okay. We had to do a typing test. After that we did a quiz. Finally we had to pretend that we had $10,000 and use it to get an airline ticket. We even had to get a hotel. We are not finished. We will finish it next time we come to PNG!