Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Website Design

Today we used Google's 'Sites' application to create websites. The students put their interests, hobbies, and favorite things on the site. They also have the option to update it like a blog.

After finishing this, we moved on to playing an online lemonade stand game. The kids controlled the price and ingredients for their lemonade in hopes that they could make the best possible profits. They then entered this data from each day into an Excel Spreadsheet.


david said...

i had fun. i did lemonade. typer shark was cool and cant wasit to monday.

PNG rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kamil said...

today i made a website from sites google then we took pictures and posted them on to our site,after that i saved it and made a grey layout :):)

BEnJamiN said...

i though that making a website was too complicated. But i though the lemonade stand activity was interesting. They didn't steel my lemonade. But in general it was a good class.

Anonymous said...

today at png we learned how to create a website.we did this by loging on the our email.first we went on site google.then we picked out a layout i picked out the grey one.after that i went on google because i picked a bmx theme casue that is what i like to do so i picked a primo bike,a hoffman bike,and a haro bike and i put in a haro logo.after that i saved it.this is what we did in png today.

Anonymous said...

hi chris alicia rosa .WHAT"S CRACKIN???????This was fun whee did a bunch of stuffand it was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1