Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Session - Week 2 Phototastic!

This is the week most of our PNG students have been looking forward to.  UNLEASH THE CAMERAS!!

Students became veritable paparazzo this week, snapping away with their digital cameras and learning the basics of how to take good photos.

We attempted to focus most of the picture-taking on items the students (and our mentors) brought in to the classroom.

We got some seriously artistic shots!  The PNG students are becoming skilled shutterbugs.

On Wednesday it was time to move on to post production.  We showed the kids how to use Photoshop and the totally free to manipulate their photos and then put together a nice presentation of their work in PowerPoint.


Kevin said...

Today was really fun.We edited our photos that we took last week.Then we made a powerpoint to show the picture Before, and then after. Mine came out well.

Derpy Dan said...

Octapus > Carnage! Loved messin around with Pixlr today. Chris's alien eye is awesome. LAZER BLEEMZ!!!

christian said...

Today we used's simular to adobe photoshop.we edited pictures that we took and made them look cool.

meylany said...

it fun learning about and editing our photos

Abdo said...

Today we went on and we took the pictures we did on Monday and made them look funky. Brian said as a joke that if you don't put a picture of this toy he likes named Carnage you get kicked out of the class.

anonychris said...

well today was really fun. we worked with a photoshop program to edit our pictures from the previous class. so far we haven't completely destroyed the computers so I'd say we'redoing good.