Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nine Inch Fails aka REMIX Project!

Today we decided to change gears entirely and get out of the green screen business and into the music business.

The kids all became producers for hire with the task of remixing a famous Nine Inch Nails song.

They took to editing the stem files of 'The Beginning of The End' like fish take to water.  Meanwhile, Brian & Ahren tried to catch their breath after having found out that only 2 students had actually heard of Nine Inch Nails before today.

The kids are still hard at work on their creations, so here's a brief taste of their work.

Here is a sample that Brian put together as an example:


Chris said...

Playing on mixcraft with a song from "nine inch nails"

Nick said...

glad I got to use Mix Craft again. I probably didnt do that good but it will still probably be the best :P

mateo rodriguez said...

making a remix

Daniel,the great said...

i was the only one to finish, i am the greatest pupil!

I'M ON A SCREEN!!! (no one reads this blog, so who cares who I am? said...

Remixed a Nine Inch Nails song. Why does no one in this class know who they are?