Thursday, October 24, 2013

Re-introduction to Photoshop

Today we got the students reacquainted with Photoshop and down below you'll see a sneak preview of one of our first big projects.  It's going to be a lot more involved but it involves printing photos, tracing them, scanning them and then using the computer to re-colorize them.  The end result should be pretty sweet.

We're getting PNG Fall started right!


Abdo said...

Today was fun we got to play around with the cameras and Christian shared his artistic views with us. Shout out to Christian!

Leo said...

the rainbow goofy is so fantastic . all it is is just a big collage of colors , that is what I like about it.

not christian said...

With my artistic viewsw, I really made abdo take the perfect picture. I'm proud of him.