Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Face Paint

Brian combined some simple concepts into a pretty complex, pretty rad project.

Step 1: Take a self-pic
Step 2: Print your pic
Step 3: Trace your pic
Step 4: Scan your pic
Step 5: re-color your pic

We ended up with some pretty amazing pictures and we'll continue on into next class.


Nick said...

I took to many hot pictures of myself :))))))
I am to amazing at this

not christian said...

My drawing was so deep....Mine was totally the best. No contest.

Abdo said...

I guess we took a lot of pictures. Shoutout to Christian for making drawings that will creep me out from now on.

Justin said...

This class was a lot of fun. We took some sweet pics of all of each other. Then we did some cool tracings of ourselves. Then after we scanned our pictures we started to color them in. We said some sweet jokes and it was a lot of fun. Can't wait to come back next class and do some more awesome things like this.

leo said...

at first I thought it was going to take forever , but it actually just took about an hour and a half .And it actually turned out to be really cool.