Thursday, February 20, 2014

Face Paint

Today we really got started with our first project.  At the end of the last class we learned how to use the digital cameras, take photos and transfer them to the computer.

Once the photos were on the computer we turned them black and white to make them easier to trace, then printed them out and traced them on are super snazzy lightboxes.  After we traced them we scanned them back into the computer using our brand new document scanner and then used Microsoft Paint to put the color back in!  We're not quite done, but we posted some preliminary results below.


leo said...

i am almost done with by picture . all i need to do is find the right backround for it . it
is going to look cool

benjamin said...

Really fun today, drew a picture of myself and came out very good. cant wait till next week!

kelvin said...

Today was really fun. I liked that we traced our faces. We also colored our faces on the computers.

Kevin said...

We drew are selves. ON THE COMPUTER!! Now I am done with my pic. Now I am drawing Optimus Prime!