Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PNG Summer Start!

Today was the first day of PNG Summer 2014!

We introduced ourselves to each other and we got the kids introduced to the computers.  We have a bunch of students who are eager to be here and get started working on cool projects and making cool things! Exciting!

We started off the list of projects with our tried but true Paint Your Face project where kids take a selfie, print it, trace it, scan it, and then paint it!

We'll keep going next time, but we got about halfway done this time around.


benjamin said...

today was really fun. Can''t wait to see what we do this year.

brianna said...

this is the best class yet and it's free! i HAVE to come every day from now on !!!

eileen said...

Today was awesome!!!!! I had lots of fun it was cool. What we did was coo,l I learned a lot! Cant wait for next class!!!

Josh said...

It was a fun day at PNG class. today we took pictures of ourselves and put them on the computer. It was fun.

Jimmy said...

We had a slow start. But picked up as the project started. It was amazing.