Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Electric Kodu Anime

Today we had 4 students.  2 worked on Kodu and made some interactive worlds.  They programmed Kodu and Rover to shoot missiles, chase enemies and score points!

We had another student do some more soldering.  He's working on a kit that will eventually build a car with an electric motor powered by a 9v battery!

And finally, we had a student making a stop-motion animation by drawing step-by-step pictures on our white board.


Alex said...

Today, I used Kodu to make my own video game. The game is mostly out of robots chasing you {Kodu} and you got to run away. I am still programming it it will soon be done. :-)

Dav said...

NO COMMENT. A LOT of work.... but it will be worth it


today i made a video game. To be honest i had really fun today. I won't stop coming to PNG any time soon.

brianna said...

awesome day i got to finish my stop motion animation to!!!!!