Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Show Time!

OK, with PNG's Fall Movie Making Class drawing to a close it's time for the big premiere of our awesome project!

A couple things to note: The beginning and the end of our movie weren't able to be filmed because we ran out of time and people.

Also worth noting there's a scene that triggers the flashback toward the beginning that we straight-up forgot to shoot, so the end result is probably pretty darn confusing.

Anyway, here we have the story of Bob Beckham, mild mannered TV news reporter who, unbeknownst to himself goes into a Coca-Cola-fueled murderous rage whenever he as a sip of the tasty beverage.

Fortunately he's brought to justice, but who knows.  Maybe he'll strike again!


eileen said...

Today was a little stressful with the editing and stuff. Other than that all the classes i have taken has been awesome. Can't wait for next time!!!!!!!

Angie said...

Detective Lucia is having fun with editing! I cant wait for the next class!!!!!!!!!!!!