Thursday, January 15, 2015

There's an App for That - Photoshop!

Ok, we have our app designs down on paper, now it's time to get digital!

First thing we did was to create mockup screens in Adobe Photoshop.  For some kids this was their first experience with Photoshop so we had a quick lesson on how to use the program and some core concepts.

The Photoshopping was fun and the kids had to create every element of their app, even buttons and menus!

Check it out!


Audrey said...

today was reallyyyyyy fun! i cant wait for the next class! i liked looking for my pictures on the web it was fun.

Isaac said...

This is so fun.
I loved it but Angie was so annoying.
I can wait for next time.

sarah said...

We used the internet!!!!!!!!!
We started are app.
We used the computer.

Sarah said...

Angie is not annoying.

Angie said...

We used the computer to start the app. I had fun!!!!!!! Me and Sarah kept giving ideas to each other!

Angie said...

I luv ya

Isaac said...

This was fun.
I loved it but Angie help me alot
Can wait for next time