Thursday, February 19, 2015

Makey Makey Music

Today we continued making music with our Makey Makey instruments.  Today was also an introduction to Acoustica's Mixcraft software.

If you're familiar with Apple's Garageband then you'll be somewhat familiar with how Mixcraft works.

Today we tried not only recording our Makey Makey instruments into Mixcraft but also using our Makey Makey to play Mixcraft's virtual instruments.


sarah said...

We did not finish but we have 2 more classes.
I did a good beat.
It is really fun.

Angie said...

We didnt do a lot today but I did record my song. It was a little hard but I managed to get through it! I brought my bestie Sarah and we actually had fun!!

Isaac said...

My name is Isaac.
I did not get to recorded my song.
Im so sad.
Cant wait next week