Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Superheroes Day 1

 With all the superhero movies coming out this summer today's class revolved around creating our very own take of a superhero. We used three different types of comic creating websites and chose which one worked best for each person. The first step of this two day class will be to create our own superhero and then at our next class we will use this superhero to create a vinyl silhouette out of.


ANGIE said...

I didn't really have fun today. I had so many problems with my computer. It froze and I had to start over. But I did have fun designing all of my superhero!

Isaac said...

Today was so fun .
Had a hard time but i fix it and it was OK.
But i made an an some superhero and i cant wait for Thursday. .+

skyler said...

i loved p and g it was awesome. i loved it because i do like superheros and its fun and creative. i cant wait until next class!!!