Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Photoshop and Photography - Day 1

Today was our first day of Photoshop and Photography for Summer 2015!

We had a lot of fun today learning how to use old digital cameras and taking silly photos.  Then we kicked it up a level and used Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit the photos and do all kinds of crazy things to them!


Matt said...

Today's class was fun to learn about photoshop. It made me feel old to learn about digital cameras though, since I already knew how they worked. I did learn a lot about photoshop today and it was fun too.

Armando said...

I liked the first day of this awesome class. We photoshopped our own picture. I wonder what we will do next?

stefano said...

I think the first day was amazing I learned alot. I think photoshop is fun. I wonder what we will learn tomorrow.