Thursday, July 16, 2015

Robotics - Last Day!

Well, in a lot of respects, the last day of our robotics class was a lot like our first.  We just didn't get much done.

Progress was very slow as we attempted to figure out these Finchbots, but we managed to do a lot of cool things like make the robots lights change color in pre-programmed ways and run routes that we designed to get around obstacles.

I feel like we're just beginning to scratch the surface and here it is time to move on to the next project.

We will definitely be revisiting the Finch bots and trying again soon!


Ang said...

Sadly today was the last day of robotics. I wish we had more time with them. Cant wait for hour of code!

josh said...

i had a war with was relly fun

Matt said...

Today was quite successful, since I made the robot avoid an obstacle autonomously. the robot was very off-balanced because of the heavy USB cable it is attached to. I also don't like the block-coding program we used, and would prefer a coding program like C++.

berry said...

Today was fun for the last day of robotics. I did alot and learned alot