Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Papercraft & Photoshop

Today we had a change of scenery for PNG and held class in the library's Lower Level Community Room.  With a lot more room to stretch out and be creative, we finished cutting out and gluing together our papercraft models, took pictures of them and even tried a little Photoshop!


Bara said...

Today, I finished constucting my wall-e.
I then took few photos of walle.
I still need to use sony photoshop to outline my figure.

Rana said...

Today was so fun. I enjoyed this program because it was very creative. The fun part of this program was taking the part where I took pictures of my papercraft.

Natalie said...

I finished up my second 3D figure and it came out nicely.On Thursday we will be using Photoshop to create pictures using out figure.I hope to learn how to properly use Photoshop on Thursday.