Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Teen Tech Week - Paint You Face

Day two of our annual Teen Tech Week was today. What better way to celebrate it than with a PNG classic: Paint Your Face! This class lets everyone release their inner artist, while also teaching valuable photo editing skills on our Photoshop software.

Here are some of the results!


Filip said...

today was lit. I made a parody of a video game character and called him blackbarian.

Armando said...

Today was AWESOME!! I made a PEKKA . It turned out pretty cool.

Maryum said...

Today was nice. My background of my photo was orange and I am happy with the results.

Rana said...

Today was pretty cool. I liked doing paint your face. This was my first time doing it, so I wasn't really sure how to draw. I liked drawing myself today!

Bara said...

Today, I did paint my face.
I changed the colors from my actual cloth.
I enjoyed making my drawing.