Thursday, July 20, 2017

Soldering - Day 4

Everybody was extremely focused today. We all found our zone and kept chipping away at our kits. Next week, we hope to wrap everything up. The end is in sight!


Ramon said...

Today i finally get to soldering the power and of button and i am working on the speaker and i am excited for it.

Rana said...

Today was great! However, there is a piece that wont entirely fit in the car. But I think I have to try work it out next week. Also, I think I have a few pieces left, and then I think I'm done with the car. Anyways, it was cool today.

Bara said...

Today, I worked on soldering in my battery snap, and ten display thingy(?).
I also helped my sister on removing the cable for the battery.
My robot car worked in the end but the rubber band kept getting off.
I will try to work on my rubber band next class.

jochelle said...

Today we are so so close to finishing our radio. I'm so excited how this works and sounds!