Tuesday, July 1, 2008

7/1 - Tuesday Traveling and Photo Hunting

Today was scavenger hunt day. After finishing up traveling brochures, the kids photoshopped themselves into their destinations. Either they were seen with the Eiffel tower, or overshadowing a building in madrid.

Once given cameras it was a race to the finish. Kids competed with each other to win the hunt.
The winners will be announced next class.


Anonymous said...

i had a great time today. i cant wait to do it tommarow. if we do i hope its different from last year.

Sam said...

Today was in okay class. it wasn't the greatest because I don't like making broshers. I hope next class is better

Alex said...

The scavenger hunt was kind of hard. Some of the clues it gave you were tricky. It was fun though.

kyle said...

we had the best day we did a brochure. and then we did a photo hunt. png rocks.