Wednesday, July 2, 2008

7/2 - Wednesday Comics!

Today the PNG students finished up putting their Scavenger Hunt findings into a PowerPoint presentation. We'll take a look at those finished products next time and declare a winner!

The rest of the class was spent working on a Comic Strip project where the students use the skills they've learned so far in class to construct their own comic strip.


Megan said...

Today was really fun!
We made our own comics!
Plus Jessica picked her nose!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait till next week!
I like it when we use the cameras!

Jess said...

PNG was coolio! It was fun when Megan & I made a comic called "The Sicko's Revenge". MWHAAAaaa =]
I hope we are able to make the video games. =]

Valentina said...

Today was very fun! We finished are scavenger hunt! After that we did a comic book! My best friend and I were woking together. We pretended that we were going to a contert. Two friends fight over because they want to go to different concerts. In the end the conerct is the same thing! It was fun making it!

jennifer said...

it was really fun today what we did is a comic book thing and then we finiched some stuff from last weak soo much fun and then we took lots of pictures and today was fun we got to add blood.

$helly said...

PNG was really funnnnn. Rosa and I made a comet book and we edited pictures. She hade herslef green when she was madd........ ITS WAS REALLY FUNN.FUNN.FUNN.FUNN.FUNN.