Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hour of Code

Today was Hour of Code!

This is our monthly code session where we hang out and practice coding. If you're new to coding you can dip your toe in the water by visiting www.Code.org.

In the future we'd like to offer more Hour of Code sessions so keep your eyes peeled!


Mark said...

For my fist time being here it was really fun a little better than I expected. I also liked how chalenging the puzzles were.

Magnus said...

Today we did an hour of code and I did do an hour of code just not on the hour of code website. I was on Khan academy and it shows you how to code in java script. I had a great time drawing pictures without even drawing just coding. I had a great time. :-)

Armando said...

Today was awesome!!! I made a lot of codes on Khan Academy and I made an ice cream out of codes. Also, I made some people and a sky with diffrent objects.