Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MaKEY MaKEY Music - Day 1

Today was the first day of MaKEY MaKEY Mixcraft.  This is the class where we use the popular MaKEY MaKEY kit as an input device for the computer and then use that input as a MIDI instrument in the audio editing program Mixcraft!

Sound complicated?  It is!  Sound awesome?  It is!

This is a 4-part class and we're just getting introduced to the MaKEY MaKEY kits today.  We'll post our awesome creations on Soundcloud on the last day!


louis said...

I had so much fun. i did not know you could do things like this. It was really fun and i loved how you could play mario.

lucy said...

Makey makey what really fun and this is my first time doing this program. my favorite part is when i got the hang of it. I will come back later in the week to play another round of Mario and Pacman!

Armando said...

Today was awesome!! I started my song with drums. I cant wait until next class

Mark said...

This was a very fun and creative activity. I liked the way the program was run. I would like to do this many more times