Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting Crafty With The Mixes!

Today the students tried their hand at making their own song mix using the samples in Acoustica Mixcraft's sound library.

This particular challenge was to use only sounds from the sample library and to construct a song using a specific tempo and key.

The results were pretty impressive.  We also had a few students who used the Instrument Track function of Mixcraft to play notes on a virtual instrument using their keyboard.

We're going to keep working on this next time and maybe we'll even start recording some live sounds to add in to our songs!


Matias and Tim said...

I made a new sound file and tried to play my euthanasia sound! :D First lol

kelvin said...

Today we did cool music. I made some good beats.Today was awesome.

Kevin said...

My mix craft file is awesome!! Not first one:(!!! YOU WILL PAY TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!