Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ko-du Back Again!

We continued to our Kodu levels and some even attempted to branch out into multiple levels. The designs are becoming more sophisticated and the game play more complex. I don't know why but everybody was incredibly quiet during class. I was beginning to get paranoid. Not gonna lie.

Next class we begin music and perhaps we'll have time toward the end of the semester to complete more Kodu.

Big ups to Microsoft.



Matias and Tim said...

We made 2 new levels. yay!

LEO said...

today we played some more kodu . i played a game on it and was really fun and cool .

benjamin said...

very fun doing kodu and programing bots. really cool and i want to do it again.

Taki said...

I had a lot of fun today again. I made another level called Club Kodu. its basically a bunch of Koduians (Kodu characters) having fun. I also updated my Race level to make it more challenging.

kelvin said...

We made cool worlds. I liked it very much and would like to do it again.