Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Have You Heard The News?

The news is about to be delivered!  The PNG Lab transformed into a newsroom today as our editors furiously wrote the next PNG News Broadcast.

Filming starts on Thursday (news moves a little slower around these parts) and you can expect to see some results by next Tuesday or Thursday depending on how well the students transition from being copy editors to film editors.



Matias and Tim said...

We all made a really fun news story, but i made mine with animals attacking humans :D today was really fun!

benjamin said...

made a script for news i cant wait to start!

LEO said...

we are all making a new script for a new news cast we are creating . It is going to be very awesome

kelvin said...

Today we did news scripts. It was fun and awesome.My was about sports,asteroids and breaking news.