Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TinkerCAD - Day 1

Our popular 3D printing class is back once again. The same plan goes as before. Students have all the resources to learn how to use our CAD software, TinkerCAD, and from there, make their very own design. This round of classes was full of 3D design experts so we were able to skip the first part entirely and get right into our designs. So far everything is looking good!


Bara said...

Today, I started making Steve(from mine craft).
I also did a pickaxe.
I enjoyed this event.

Rana said...

Today, was really cool. This is my second time to use tinkercad. So, I thought of creating Minnie. It was a bit hard, but I think it will be good. Anyways, I'm looking forward into Thursday.

HARAMBE said...

I enjoyed it it was a totally new experience.