Tuesday, November 15, 2016

TinkerCAD - Day 3

After getting kicked out of our room, and some technical difficulties, we managed to finally get going on our designs! Despite the less than ideal situation, we made some really good progress. We continued using what we learned in the lessons to add some cool functionalities to our 3D designs.

We have one class left to add the finishing touches. We are so close to a finished product!


Armando said...

Today was cool. I finished my dinosaur. I am now making it battle a robot dinosaur.

Bara said...

Today I made my android's arms extended from the android.
I also changed the way the android was posing.
I enjoyed this event.

Rana said...

Today, was cool. It was a bit hard at first, because I had to work on specific details of features like the hands and the face of Minnie. But I'm also a bit done with it, so I think it will be cool.

Amal said...

Today I was doing tinker cad. It was fun, my favorite thing was putting on shapes.