Thursday, November 10, 2016

TinkerCAD - Day 2

We continued adding to our awesome designs today, applying concepts that we learned in the lessons like the hole tool.

We still have a week left and there is still plenty left to be done.


Armando said...

Today was fun!! I started doing my dinosaur. Its turning out pretty cool.

Rana said...

I had so much fun doing tinkercad! I had to do holes on objects, contracting and enlarging objects to make my figure look a bit bitter. It was a bit complicated, because I had to come up with how it will look like. Other than that, it was fun, and creative.

Bara said...

Today, I started making a model of an android.
I am going to try to make his head rotate infinitely.
I enjoyed this event.

Amal said...

Today was my first time doing tinker cad. I was learning the first lessons it was kind of confusion for me. But I enjoyed it.