Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ozobot Obstacle Course Challenge - Day 2

Today was the last day everyone had to reach the finish line! With a little help to counter some faulty wheels, we had some winners! After that, we just tinkered with the coding software and made the ozobot do a whole bunch of crazy stuff


filip said...

today was fun i tried but it was pretty hard so i just ended up hanging around

Rana said...

Today was really fun. I used ozoblockly to command my ozobot to move. My ozobot was moving pretty good, it kinda went to the finish line. It just that I had to turn my ozobot multiple times to make it move in the right direction. My sister, Maryum, did really good, because her ozobot got to the finish line. So it was pretty cool!! I liked the obstacle course!

Maryum said...

Today was fun! We tried to make the ozobot go to the finish line. I tried to do mine it went to the finish line but I kept rotating it. Mine passed through the hard paper.
I am looking foreword to do it again.

Bara said...

Today, I treid again to reach the finish line.
My ozobot went to the last cardboard stack but then it turned because it got stuck.
I enjoyed this event. (Sean is cool)