Thursday, April 20, 2017

Video Game Challenge - Day 2

Our game-designing adventure continued today as we continued adding to our levels. We started messing around with game behaviors that allowed for scrolling levels, objects that can destroy characters, and objects that can win a game

We will continue to make our games more complex as we continue next week.


Christopher said...

do this program it is really fun. You can make a game at It was very fun.

filip said...

this was cool i messed around with this website and i "hacked" the game

Rana said...

Today is second day of video game challenge. It was cool. I continued playing and adding things to my game. I hope to finish it next week.

Maryum said...

Today I am making a game in flowlab. It's little hard to control the character. I am looking foreword to play my game.

Bara said...

Today, I tried to change to next level.
I am going to put the end in my last level.
I also going to make one level of mine keep flashing.