Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vinyl Cutter - Day 2

We wrapped up the class today and finished putting our vinyl designs onto our glass panels! After some initial struggle, The results turned out great


filip said...

today was so cool. i finished what i was working on but i messed up twice so i had to improvise. i hope i dont break the vinyl thing that i made like the last on i made.

Tyler said...

The second day of my vinyl project I redid my design and mounted it on the glass and cardboard stand.

Maryum said...

Today we finished or vinyl cutter. And i liked mine my vinyl cutter color is yellow.
I am happy with the outcome.

Bara said...

Today, I finished assembling my batman mask and batarang.
I made my batarang show from the front and the back of my glass.
I liked making a batman vinyl cutter.

Rana said...

Today was really fun. I liked how mine turned out. I added Belle, the teacup, and other characters in my Vinyl Cutter. I also added a french phrase to mine, which is "La beaute vient du la coeur", which means that Beauty comes from the heart. I did that to describe Beauty and the Beast. Vinyl Cutter was cool!