Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Movie Maker Skills: Editing - Day 1

Today was one of our new movie making classes that, instead of embracing the whole movie making process, lets us really perfect our editing skills.

 We downloaded raw stock movie footage and used that to edit, skipping the filming process entirely. This footage, being as complex as it was, allows more advanced editing techniques like multiple camera angles

We stated strong today and will continue our editing Thursday!


Christopher said...

It was really fun. People should do this program. We edit a movie by ourselfes.

Rana said...

Today was pretty cool. I got to see a footage in PNG and then I got to edit the movie how I want it to be. I did many edits and did 30 seconds of it. On thursday, I plan to add some more footage scenes. I liked today's class.

Bara said...

Today, I was giving a bunch of clips to edit the into a short film.
I finished the first 30 seconds of my film.
I enjoyed this event.