Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Secret Code Jewelry - Day 1 (MidKids)

PNG and the Kids & Teens department are teaming up for a 2 part series on cipher coding! We got everyone familiar with what cipher coding is and how it related to the coding PNG is familiar with. After the quick intro, we had the opportunity to crack some codes of our own and do some script coding on Hourofcode.org.

On Thursday, we will create our own cipher codes and make jewelry with a secret message on it using it!


Rana said...

Today was fun! I had the chance to do Code.Org or Khan Academy. I did Khan Academy today, and I did actually understand how to do it. I think I did okay for the snowman, but I had trouble doing a square in a snowman. Anyways, I had fun and I think coding is really fun and cool! PNG is really fun!

Amal said...

Today's class was amazing, it was about coding. I learned stuff about it. It seems cool. Thank you so much!

annelise said...

Shift 1

ju xbt gvo.


julia said...

shift 1

uijt jt uif cftu dmztt fwfs!

Bara said...

Today, I tried to figure codes that Ms. Kim give us.
I also read a book about kodes and symbles, in real life.
cdef eger aeui ajkc.
Today was great.