Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Movie Maker Skills: Editing (Day 3)

The editing continued today as we start to wrap up the process. The hard work has already been done. We were now free to tinker with some elements of Adobe Premier that we have never used before. We implemented cool effects like clip reversing to really make our projects unique.

We have one day left to edit our masterpieces so stay tuned to how how the projects turn out!


Rana said...

Today was really cool. I'm almost done with my movie. I just need to add a couple of scenes, and edit some parts. After that, I think I'm done with it. Anyways, I enjoyed today's program!

Bara said...

Today, I put transtions into my movie.
I also worked on adding more details at the end when the girl hits a dead end.
I am pleased with how my movie is right now.

Anonymous said...

Today I did coding I did a code about music I finished it it was quite easy.