Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stop Motion Animation (MidKids)

Today was the last day of school here in Elmwood Park so we had a more empty and laid-back class than usual. We took another million photos depicting awesome battle scenes between characters we had lying around like Batman or some Legos. We then scrapped together those photos to make some interesting short films


Maryum said...

Today I finished my stop motion film. and it was about cars trying to cross the tracks it turned pretty good. I did it with my little sister.

Rana said...

Today, it was my second time doing stop-motion. I believe my movie lasted about 16 seconds. It was pretty cool, I enjoyed today's class. My sisters also helped me too. So, today was cool!

Bara said...

Today, I used a figure that can be controlled in a lot of ways.
I took a bunch of photos of it jumping and putting on armor.
I still need to place the photos in adobe premiere.