Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Soldering Make-up

We blew the dust off of our old soldering kit and gave it another crack after a failed attempt the first time around. We struggled at first and went through the tedious process of troubleshooting, looking for pieces that were installed the wrong way and faulty soldering points. After a whole lot of struggling, we got them to work! This is a PNG first, so great job everyone!


Rana said...

Today was cool. I did soldering, attempted to finish it. And I'm happy that my twin, Bara's radio actually worked. This was actually fun. I got help on making my radio work properly. I think it will with determination. Anyways, this was the best program. Plus, PNG is really cool!

Bara said...

Today, Was the day that i finished making my Radio.
It wouldn't work, but Ahren and Christian helped me fixing it.
I am extremely happy that it worked, and I will show it to my Family, and friends(I have no friends) :( JK.